Our Story

We are dedicated to supplying the Pacific Northwest plant medicine community with high-quality, local botanical medicines imbued with the spiritual essence of the forest.

We at Cascadia Folk Medicine have spent many years developing relationships with these plants—praying, singing, and making offerings to them—to ensure that the fluid in these little brown tincture bottles is imbued with the spiritual essence and teachings of the forest. We hope that you will appreciate the care, respect, and love with which these medicines are made; and we humbly invite you to listen with equal care, love, and respect to the plants and put into practice the teachings offered by these divine beings of the plant kingdom.

Use these medicines like you would other herbal extracts (i.e. to support the health of the physical body). At the same time, because we make these medicines with the intention of revealing one’s true energetic nature, we encourage you to make a deep study of the great spiritual teachings the forest offers us via these plant beings.

Please use the indications listed on each Plant Teacher Extract's product page to inspire your own personal study of the plant's medicine, but remember that each plant is a deep reservoir of spiritual and emotional insight that cannot possibly be summarized in a few words. To fully appreciate the medicine of these plants, you will need to develop your own relationships. As you open yourself to their energies, the plants will form an understanding of your inner landscape and your relationship to the universe and will present you with opportunities to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you. They will work with you to firm and strengthen your gifts, beauty, and alignment. Through this act of communion the healing potential of each plant teacher is activated.

Visit The School of Forest Medicine for educational opportunities and information about developing relationships with these Plant Teachers.